Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Gear Guide and Crafting Trees:

All Gear

Pick a gear item to see it's crafting tree and what it is a component of.

Arcane Boots

Ares Belt

Astral Wand

Azure Blade

Beast Killer

Black Ice Shield

Blade Armor

Blade of Despair

Blade of Destruction

Blood Wings

Bloodthirsty King

Book of Sages


Brute Force Breastplate

Calamity Scythe

Concentrated Energy

Courage Bulwark

Crazed Reaper

Curse Sword

Cursed Helmet


Deadly Blade

Demon Wings

Demon's Advent

Dominance Ice

Dreadnaught Armor

Elegant Gem

Enchanted Talisman

Endless Battle

Eternal Scepter

Exotic Veil

Fallen Sword

Feather of Heaven

Flame of Fury

Fleeting Time


Fury Hammer

Great Sword

Guardian Relic

Healing Necklace

Heart of Steel

Hunter Strike

Hunter's Knife

Ice Force



Leather Jerkin

Legion Sword

Magic Blade

Magic Necklace

Magic Resist Cloak

Magic Shoes

Magic Wand

Molten Essence

Mystery Codex

Nimble Blade

Ogre Tomahawk


Pillager Axe

Power Crystal

Rapid Boots

Raptor Machete

Saint's Refuge

Scarlet Phantom

Silence Robe

Star Shard

Sun Scepter

Swift Boots

Thor's Sting

Tome of Evil

Tooth of Greed

Tough Boots

Vampire Mallet

Vitality Crystal

Warrior Boots

Wild Sword

Wind Chaser