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MyPostageRateSaver contains the necessary tools to save on your next Direct Mailing:

  • CASS and PAVE-certify your address list to qualify for Automated Postage rates
  • Automatically check, correct and standardize your mailing list with the latest USPS national database
  • Add missing address information including ZIP + 4 allowing you to add POSTNET barcodes
  • Contains the latest postal forms and rates to insure your mail is accepted by the Post Office
  • Flag undeliverable addresses, reducing wasted postage, paper and printing costs
  • MyPostageRateSaver Gold supports Automated Carrier Route Sorting for even greater savings!

Benefits of MyPostageRateSaver Silver and Gold

1. Save up to 80% off single piece rates.
When you CASS and PAVE-certify your address list, you can qualify for postage rate discounts up to 80%
2. Improve the speed and accuracy of your delivery
3. Reduce wasted printing and postage costs, saving you time and money
4. Comply with USPS rules, rates, regulations and forms to get the best postage discounts

About MyPostageRateSaver Silver and Gold
MyPostageRateSaver Silver and Gold are both CASS and PAVE-certified by the USPS. Therefore, in addition to address correction, they also update your mailing software to support current USPS presorting guidelines, containing the latest postal forms, sorts for flats and includes recent postage rates. This is critical because if your mailing does not conform to current USPS rules, rates, regulations and forms , you run the risk of having your mail rejected by the post office. PAVE-certification guarantees that your mailing will be sorted correctly and accepted, improving the delivery of your mail. 

MyPostageRateSaver GOLD and Carrier Route Sorting

If you mail to concentrated areas (such as a specific neighborhood or Zip Code), you could save even more on your postage by sorting your mail according to the route traveled by each individual mail carrier. Since this type of extensive presorting results in less labor for the Post Office, barcoded carrier route sorting could qualify you for the maximum discounts on postage rates.
For more information on MyPostageRateSaver Gold click here. 

The Automatic Update Plan
Addresses, Zip Codes and mailing rules, rates, regulations and forms are constantly changing, so the USPS requires MySoftware to update MyPostageRateSaver every two months. When you enroll in the Automatic Updated Plan, MySoftware will send you an updated version of MyPostageRateSaver and bill your credit card every two months. This guarantees that you have the latest addresses and mail sorting procedures.

How to Purchase
Go to, or call (800) 325-3508