Benefits of MySoftware Labels

  1. Save time and money
    You'll never again waste valuable time setting tabs and margins because the templates that are built into MyMailList are designed to work with our labels. Just fill in the blank address fields in the label templates and push the print button. It's that easy!
  2. Reinforce your companyís identity
    Through MyMailList you can add personalized images, graphics, logos and business information to our many styles and sizes of high quality labels.
  3. Fast delivery
    Order today and we'll ship your labels to you in only 2-3 days! As an additional service, we can add customized graphics and text to your labels for less than you would pay at a print shop.
  4. Itís easy to order
    We can take your order in minutes. Just pick up the phone and call toll-free 1-800-599-2942 or visit for more information.
To Order Call Toll Free 1-800-599-2942 or browse to