MyFileBackup is a hassle-free way to protect your data:
  • Easy to install and use
  • Works automatically
  • Convenient alternative to Zip drives, floppies and tapes
  • Ideal for small offices, telecommuters and business travelers
Benefits of MyFileBackup
1. Security -- Peace of Mind!
We have all felt the fear of losing important files during a power outage or when our system freezes. Research shows that, in the United States, a hard drive crashes every 15 seconds, and 1 computer in 5 suffers a fatal hard drive crash during its lifetime. If you keep your data on your hard drive, you run the risk of losing that data.
2. Files are Always Confidential
Only you have access to your files. All of your data is compressed and encrypted before it is transmitted to or from your PC. You choose your own password during installation.
3. Convenience
Zip Discs, floppies, and tapes are a step in the right direction, but they are not your best option. These methods force you to buy additional hardware and software. Then, backing up your data is a cumbersome, manual process. Plus, you have to remember to regularly back up your information and store it off-site.
How it Works
With MyFileBackup, the process is easy. You identify the files you want to back up and they are automatically stored to a secure, off-site location on the schedule you defined. You'll never forget to do another back up again!
There is no setup cost to try MyFileBackup, simply download it now and install it on your PC.
How to Download and Install
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