NewsFlash Help

What is a NewsFlash?

NewsFlashes are sent to your computer via the Internet and inform you of news from MySoftware. They might contain information about a new release of your product, a special promotion, or a related product or service.

How Do NewsFlashes Get to My Computer?

Whenever you browse the Internet, we search for a NewsFlash on the MySoftware Web site. If a NewsFlash is found, the information is downloaded and stored on your computer for future reference. The next time you start this program, a dialog notifies you of the NewsFlash.

How Often Will I Receive NewsFlashes?

We send NewsFlashes several times per year.

NOTE: MySoftware's NewsFlash may not work with all Internet connections. For example, if you are using a proxy server for your Internet connection, NewsFlashes will not be automatically updated. If you have not received an updated NewsFlash, you may be using an incompatible Internet connection.

How Do I View NewsFlashes?

You can view a NewsFlash when you first start the program, or each time you start the program after a new NewsFlash has been downloaded.

You can also view a NewsFlash any time while running the program. To view a NewsFlash while running the program, open the Help menu and choose Latest News Flash.

Do NewsFlashes Send My Personal Information to MySoftware?

No. NewsFlashes are one-way technology. We only send information from MySoftware; we do not receive any information from you or your computer.

Why is There a NewsFlash Button in My Taskbar?

On some computers, a NewsFlash button may display in the Windows 95/98 taskbar. You can remove this button without effecting the NewsFlash program.

To Remove the NewsFlash Button From Your Taskbar

1. Right-click the NewsFlash button in the taskbar to open a shortcut menu.
2. Choose Close from the shortcut menu.
3. Click somewhere else on the taskbar to remove the button.

The NewsFlash button may display again when you restart Windows. To remove it again, use the same procedure.

How Do I Close NewsFlash?

MySoftware's NewsFlash runs in the background and shouldn't affect the operation of Windows or any of your other programs. However, you may want to temporarily close the program if you want to install another program or are trying to troubleshoot a problem on your computer.

The method of closing the program is different for Windows 95/98 then for Windows NT. Use the instructions below for your operating system.

To Temporarily Close NewsFlash in Windows 95/98

1. Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE on your keyboard to open the Close Program dialog.
2. Choose NewsFlash from the list.
3. Click End Task.

NewsFlash will remain closed until you restart Windows.

To Temporarily Close NewsFlash in Windows NT

1. Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE on your keyboard to open the Windows NT Security dialog.
2. Click the Task Manager button to open the Windows NT Task Manager dialog.
3. Click the Processes tab.
4. Choose NewsFlsh.exe from the list.
5. Click End Process.
6. Follow the on-screen instructions to close NewsFlash.

NewsFlash will remain closed until you restart Windows.

Why Does My Computer Freeze When I Try to View a NewsFlash?

Some video drivers may interfere with the display of NewsFlashes.

The following video driver and settings caused computer freezes when MySoftware tested Newsflash:

To fix this problem, first try changing the display settings on your computer:

1. Open the Windows 95/98 Start menu and choose Settings > Control Panel to open the Windows Control Panel.
2. Double-click the Display icon to open the Display Properties dialog.
3. Click the Settings tab.
4. Change the settings in the Color palette and Desktop area boxes so that the color and resolution settings are different from those listed above.
5. Display Newsflash again to make sure it works properly with the new settings.

If your computer still freezes, contact your video cardís manufacturer and upgrade to the latest version of your video driver software.

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